Evolution of Wis-Lawn Mowers – Which commercial Lawn Mower to buy

If you are taking a look at hiring us for lawn mowing service this post might not be extremely helpful for you, but it will give you a glimpse into what we use to complete lawn service on your lawn today in 2022.  It also gives a history of our journey purchasing and using various lawn mowers for our business's use - which we use to cut our own lawn as well. In 2016 when we started handing out flyers and getting our first customers to cut grass for I used a few different lawn mowers, but mostly a Troy-Bilt...Read More


GET UP, IT'S TIME TO CUT THE GRASS!!!! This was the refrain I'd hear from our Dad every Saturday morning around 6:15 AM while lying warm and snug in bed. This started in 4th grade until the day I moved out and passed the weekly duties to the next brother.  I'd think to myself.... we just cut the lawn last week, does it really need to be cut again? Keeping up on mowing - How and Why In Wisconsin we do need to get that lawn cut weekly and sometimes even more often in the heavy growing season.  I learned...Read More

What’s the deal with Lawns ?

Lawns - What's the deal with that? Lawns - why do we have them?  What do we do with them?  Why do they matter?  I hope we can answer those questions here! I love my lawn.  In our family the lawn and landscape absolutely gives us some of the most joy in our life.  There really is nothing better for Stacy and I than sitting in a couple lawn chairs on the patio Sunday afternoon watching the kids frolic in the yard.  Combine this with coals fired up and ready for beer brats to go on the grill, Uecker on the...Read More

Crabgrass is a pain in the grass.

Crabgrass is a pain in the grass. And that's a fact.  Once crabgrass is established for a growing season is can be a pain to get control of. There a number of ways to keep the crabgrass at bay for the season, let's go over them.  Good grass beats (crab) bad grass-mow, trim, repeat.  The number one defense against weeds in your lawn, including crabgrass is a well established, regularly mowed lawn to keep a thick full turf that keeps the weeds and unwanted grasses at bay.   Tall, thick grass both shades and crowds out weeds and crabgrass not allowing...Read More