What’s the deal with Lawns ?

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Lawns – What’s the deal with that?

Lawns – why do we have them?  What do we do with them?  Why do they matter?  I hope we can answer those questions here!

I love my lawn.  In our family the lawn and landscape absolutely gives us some of the most joy in our life.  There really is nothing better for Stacy and I than sitting in a couple lawn chairs on the patio Sunday afternoon watching the kids frolic in the yard.  Combine this with coals fired up and ready for beer brats to go on the grill, Uecker on the radio, and it doesn’t get better than that on a Wisconsin summer day.

Fortunately your lawn and landscape provides even more to the community and your family than just the time we enjoy there on a daily basis.

Let me list off a few of the real benefits of a healthy lawn:

  • Greatly reduces Noise Pollution
  • A 250 Square-Foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of 4
  • Lawns are air conditioners!  If a sidewalk is 90 F, the adjacent lawn can remain below 70 F!
  • Lawns can increase home value by 15%! The investment return on lawn and landscape can be 100%-200% compared to the average structural return rates of 40-70%.
  • Traps and cleanses the air of dust and particulates.
  • Reduces runoff and keeps soil erosion in check.  Keeping water runoff out of our lakes and streams benefits us all.
  • The daily benefits of serenity for the family.

Those are all great reasons to have a well maintained and mowed lawn, though the serenity of the lawn and landscape is what is most important to us.  There is nothing more refreshing than pulling up to our home when we have our turf and landscape well manicured, green, weed free, and freshly mowed. Having everything nicely in place outside gives us the same pleasure that a clean and organized interior does.  This gives us the time to focus on what matters most to us.  Enjoying our time together.

Look for an upcoming post on lawn mowing tips and maintenance tips.  In the meantime, please let us know if we can help out with any of your lawn care and landscape maintenance needs this season-we serve Pewaukee, Waukesha, and Brookfield, Wisconsin.


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